Episode 10: Apple and the Church of Whizbang, with Chris Sawyer and Matt Licata


On October 22, Apple held another big product-unveiling event, with new iPads as the main attraction, but also a lot of news about OS X, iWork, and other aspects of Apple’s arsenal. It raised myriad questions for me, not just about the cool new toys, but also what Apple’s choices mean for its long-term strategy and continuing place in the technology universe. I got so excited, I knew I had to hold yet another panel discussion episode to talk about it all. This also meant recruiting previous Obcast guests Chris Sawyer and Matt Licata to join me, and since I was on the West Coast, well past their bedtimes.

I happened to be at an out-of-town conference for work at the time, so I had to record my end of the conversation from a hotel room with dubious WiFi (as well as recording the opening from the Newark airport), and you’ll notice the difference in sound quality from my other recordings. But it was a really fun discussion, and even if you’re not an Apple nut job like me, I think you’ll get a lot out of it.  

Duration:  96 minutes

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