Episode 11: Chuck Caruso - A Nomadic Actor with Strong Roots

Chuck Caruso was a hero of mine when I was a young actor in college, and he remains so today, for many reasons. He’s managed to make a meaningful and dynamic career of musical theatre performance, and along the way, he’s learned a lot about what it means to earn your place in the industry, while maintaining a semblance of connection to the people in your life who make it all worth it. Dare I say it, Chuck qualifies as “seasoned.”

You might already know who Chuck is, sort of, if you’re a Strangers with Candy fan, as Chuck played the role of jock doofus “Trake” on the Comedy Central series. (Yes, we talk about why he didn’t wind up in the movie version, and it’s going to bring scandal upon the entire entertainment industry!*)

You can catch Chuck out on the road next year in a national tour of Man of La Mancha and in his reprisal of the title role in the musical version of Shrek. He may also have a brilliant idea for a breakfast cereal that gives you personal validation. 

Duration: 92 minutes

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Links from the show

Chuck on Twitter as @chuckcaruso, his blog Broadway by Forty, and his YouTube channel

His not-to-be-missed, super-hilarious XtraNormal cartoon “You Should Be on Broadway” 

Information on his upcoming performances in Man of La Mancha (Chuck says only buy tickets through the venues, not through this site) and Shrek

“Strengthen our knees for Ha!” 

* That actually won’t happen.

And here's Chuck as Zero in the Stockton College production of The Adding Machine, and I'm playing the Guide, indicating broadly toward Chuck.