Episode 9: "Transformers: The Movie" Discussion with Matt Licata and Ryan Koronowski

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My little 8-year-old world was changed forever when I saw the behemoth mechanical beings that I loved so dearly, loudly and violently portrayed on the big screen in all their glory. Transformers: The Movie was released in the summer of 1986, and despite its many, many, many flaws, it has remained one of my favorites, a cultural milestone wedged deep into my psyche like a metal splinter short-circuiting an altruistic automaton's abdomen. 

For this special edition of the Obcast, I bring Matt Licata and Ryan Koronowski back to form a Devastator-Like gestalt podcast panel to dig deep into our enthusiasm for and questions about this remarkable movie. What are the film's theological allegories? What can we determine about the governmental and judicial systems of Cybertronian and other mechanical civilizations? Does Unicron pee? We tackle all of it with varying degrees of success in the course of these two hours.

Duration: 121 minutes

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And as promised in the show, here is a picture of a very young Ryan Koronowski dressed as Sky Lynx.