Justin Who-ber? Tweeps School Me on Pop Culture

Over the past couple of days, I kept seeing this name pop up in tweets and around the intertubes: “Justin Bieber.” Now, look. I opted out of popular culture pretty much entirely after college, so I have no idea who that is. (I think he may have been on SNL this week? See, no idea.) So I asked my tweeps to tell me so I didn’t have to a) do the googling myself and b) stumble upon a website promoting or praising this person that I was sure to find depressing.

Some highlights:

@elizapi: 16 year old singer, kinda looks like a girl, but a guy, and some people find him attractive.

@archineas: you are seriously better off not knowing…

@chthoniid: my teen daughter assures me he is a youngish teen singer who has exploited social media to become popular.

@mirandachale: He’s an icky little teenage white rapper kid.Hadn’t seen him before SNL last night.Little girls want to heavy pet him, it seems

@kf: He’s a magical little boy who lives in a tree and bakes cookies.

@geekwithsoul: You know all those Catholic priests in the news? Well Justin Bieber is the one they all carry around a picture of 😉

I think that’s sufficient information considering the topic, don’t you? I just hope the cookies thing is true.

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