Near-Earth for Your Ears

This is an experiment. I’m interested in perhaps — perhaps! — beginning a podcast project, in which I’d read selections from this blog on a semi-regular basis. For now, in order to avoid podcast “episodes” that last only four or five minutes, I’m thinking about grouping posts together that follow a certain theme. For example, I might find three or four recent pieces about technology, and record those as a single episode.
Here is my first highly experimental stab at this idea. I’ve chosen three recent posts about my struggles with the Western Canon, and with keeping up with culture generally, and it turns about to be about 25 minutes long.

I have a lot more thinking and tinkering to do. For example, what’s the best way to record blockquotes? In this, I try out the idea of slightly altering the quality of the sound when I’m quoting from another writer, adding a little reverb and panning to one side or the other. I dunno, we’ll see.

So give it a listen, if you’re inclined. And I’ll keep working on what this should actually be, and whether it should be at all.

7 thoughts on “Near-Earth for Your Ears”

  1. Paul, I think it’s BETTER to have a bunch of 5 minute podcasts, rather than longer ones. If you can keep the segments short, that makes them more accessible for more people who are busy. And isn’t everyone busy?!
    But I do like your stuff. Or at least, the first 5 minutes of it.


    1. That’s interesting. My assumption sad that folks would prefer a product long enough to listen to on a commute or a run or whatever without having to futz. Good feedback.


  2. I’m neutral on the length matter. I generally like my podcasts between 30-60 minutes, but if it’s good content, it’s not a problem to just set a playlist so I’ll get the same content without messing around while I’m running, commuting, or doing mindless parts of work. My main thing would be an RSS feed that I can easily update with BeyondPod or whatever other aggregators people are using these days.


  3. Most of the podcasts I listen to are 15-30 minutes. That’s a length that suits my day-to-day schedule. I listen to the odd one up to an hour long and sometimes having a 5 minute one to fill in that extra few minutes on the bus or plane is good.
    The key is quality rather than duration. As soon as the information density and quality of expression drops off my internal timer kicks in. 30 seconds of poor quality or insufficient interest and it’s a gone burger.


    1. That makes sense. But presuming quality is consistent across time lengths, I wonder if 20-30 minutes isn’t a sweet spot.


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