A “-gate” Repeats Itself

Alice Marwick at Wired on “Donglegate“:

Regardless of the nuances of the incident, the fact remains that [Adria] Richards faced a gargantuan backlash that included death threats, rape threats, a flood of racist and sexually violent speech, a DDOS attack on her employer — and a photoshopped picture of a naked, bound, decapitated woman. The use of mob justice to punish women who advocate feminist ideals is nothing new, but why does this happen so regularly when women criticize the tech industry? Just stating that the tech industry has a sexism problem — something that’s supported by reams of scholarly evidence — riles up the trolls.

Now why does that sound so familiar?

I mean, it even has a “-gate” attached to it.

5 thoughts on “A “-gate” Repeats Itself”

  1. Really, Damion? I’ve seen plenty of bloggers push back against the idea that there is a particular way that Richards was required to report this to keep it from blowing up out of control (and have myself). I’ve seen others talk about the fact that SendGrid is on shaky legal ground in firing Richards (and have myself).
    Or were you counting the policing of Richards behavior and the SendGrid firing among “the craziest and vilest reactions”?


  2. Wow, first comment. It’s like clockwork. Anyone would think certain people constantly monitor this blog network for opportunities to wag their super-reasonable fingers.


  3. Yeah, that’s the ticket: “super-reasonable finger.” It is so eerily familiar to focus on something that merits an -est suffix–like a medic doing triage.


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