Paul’s ‘Friendly Atheist’ Roundup

As you might be aware, I also blog for a little outfit known as Friendly Atheist. Yeah, way more people read me there. Here’s a roundup of some of my recent posts there.
I looked at how Andrew Sullivan is calling out liberals for being unwilling to confront the reality of radical Islam’s threat and involvement in the Boston bombing, saying, “when Andrew Sullivan links arms with Sam Harris, I’m going to pay attention very closely.”

I wonder at the idiotic wonder that is Louie Gohmert and his literal merger of church and state.

I look at China’s announced intentions to irradiate superstition from its populace.

I get nostalgic for D&D thanks to Pat Robertson, who fails his saving throw vs. dumbassery.

I get a giggle out of Alan Keyes, who talks about eating boogers.

I take comfort in the doubt of Kay Warren.

And I catalogue the miracles that happened during the filming of The Bible movie.

And other stuff, too, but that’ll do. Go click and prove my value to Hemant!

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