Launch of the Obcast!

I’m undertaking a new venture here at Near-Earth Object, a podcast cleverly (or lazily) called the Obcast (I even grabbed the domain Because the world needed more podcasts by white male nerds. 

But in all seriousness, I’ve had an itch to try my hand at podcasting for ages, but felt it was fairly pointless, if only for the reason alluded to above: I’d be a drop in the bucket. 

But there’s a simple fact: While many podcasts within particular niche areas of interest all have their mini-celebrities, there are countless folks — even just that I know personally — who are interesting, smart, dynamic, and have a particular view of the world or their line of work that deserves airing as much as any already-famous person.

So I decided not to worry about “relevance” (also known as “an audience”) , and just enjoy the process, have fun with the project, and get on the record some interesting, long form conversations with interesting people who may or may not be famous. Yet.

Thus, the Obcast. My initial attempt is considered “Episode Zero,” a beta test episode to make sure I could even make it happen. My guest was my colleague, web designer Matt Licata, and I think it came out pretty damn well. 

I’ll keep experimenting with things as needed, but I think I’m at least on a good footing. 

Next episode, “Episode 1” for what’s it’s worth, will feature performer Gia Mora, so watch this space or subscribe in iTunes. I’m really excited to get this thing going. 


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