Ryan Overcomes His Fear of Podcasting

My very good friend Ryan Koronowski is my guest on the latest edition of the Obcast. Ryan is a chief-deputy-editor-blogger-muckity-muck at Climate Progress (part of Think Progress), but don’t worry, we don’t spend much time talking about how awful things are going to be. Mostly, we talk about things like the peculiarities of DC life, the insanity of working on big political campaigns, and reading lots and lots of books.

We also learn that, like my three-year-old boy, Ryan poops on the potty! It makes sense in the show

Ryan was a little spooked to do the Obcast, as he’s not used to being the subject of media interviews, but I think you’ll agree that his fears were unwarranted. 

As always, you can subscribe to the Obcast in iTunes or through this link

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