Kenzoid’s Post-Libertarian Hangover

The latest edition of the Obcast features longtime friend-of-the-blog Ken Kennedy. Ken’s a well-rounded guy for someone from Georgia (I kid! I kid!), and in this episode, he and I discourse on politics and technology, and how those two worlds run into each other and screw each other up. Ken comes from libertarian roots, and he has some great insights as to why someone who is technically inclined might lean libertarian, but also how a little life experience can reveal how limited of a philosophy it can be.

We also talk about finding a purpose for one’s podcasting and blogging when the need for an audience is not the dominant drive, and what the hell is wrong with the sci-fi and fantasy publishing industry that they produce cover art for their books that is so freaking ridiculous.

Dig the show right here. As always, you can subscribe to the Obcast in iTunes or through this link.

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