A 5 for a 5 (Prologue)

There’s a new thingy in my life. 

Rather than some new dreamy-eyed dalliance with Android, this is me trying to save a boatload of money by moving from AT&T to T-Mobile. Doing so, though, meant jumping through T-Mobile’s hoops to get out of my AT&T contract and get a device I could afford. Thus, the Nexus 5 you see here has moved in. 

The phone is fine, some things about it are great, like the display, but I already miss my iPhone 5. The T-Mobile coverage here leaves much to be desired, something you can’t really grasp until you take the phone to the places you normally go. So, if it really isn’t working out, I can just leave T-Mobile (no contracts) and use someone else. But as I said, I’m saving a boatload this way, enough to make a big difference to my family’s bottom line, so I want to make it work. 

Much to your horror, I’ll be blogging aaaaaaalllllllllll about it. 

What have I done? 

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