The iMortal Show, Episode 2: Your Self, in Pixels

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You are what you tweet? Do your “likes” tell the story of who you are?

For so many of us, major portions of our lives are lived non-corporeally. We don’t define ourselves solely by what we do in physical space in interaction with other live bodies, but also through pixelated representations of ourselves on social media.

How do we strike a balance between the real world and the streams of Twitter and Facebook? Can we be more truly ourselves online? When we tweet and share and comment, what parts of ourselves do we reveal, and what do we keep hidden or compartmentalized?

The way social media defines our identity is what we’re talking about on Episode 2 of the iMortal Show, with my guests: Activist and communications expert Sarah Jones, and master of tech, twitter, and self-ridicule Chris Sawyer.

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The iMortal Show, Episode 2: “Your Self, in Pixels”

Originally recorded September 3, 2014.

Produced and hosted by Paul Fidalgo.

Theme music by Smooth McGroove, used with permission.

Running time: 43 minutes.

Links from the show:

Sarah Jones on Twitter, at Nonprophet Status, and her blog Anthony B. Susan.

Chris Sawyer (with “sentient skin tags”) on Twitter.

Previous episode: “Ersatz Geek”

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