Have You Been Thinkery-ing???

I assume you’ve been keeping up with Thinkery, my new-ish podcast with Brian Hogg. In fact, I’m so confident that you have that I don’t even really need to do the thing I’m going to do, which is link to the most recent three episodes, which are…
Episode 5: Just Abduct Elon Musk

    • Brian contemplates doing more Mosspuppet and also feels terrible about how his crowdfunding campaign went!
    • Christians should have no problem with abortion!
    • Darth Vader’s ‘redemption’ is morally simplistic!
    • Is there a god or afterlife in Star Wars?
    • Neither Paul nor Brian can read fiction anymore!
    • Will Voyager outlast us all?

Episode 6: Competitive Pedantry

…with 100% new content and 60% new jokes! And Brian is literally sitting in a closet for optimal sound quality!

Plus, we talk about these specific topics:

    • More listeners — and attention — makes us deeply uncomfortable, but we want them!
    • Creativity is mechanical, and the muse is mythical!
    • How Brian and Paul met!
    • Richard Dawkins is the stripper you take home with you!
    • Why people disappoint you!
    • The Berenstain Bears are fracturing reality!
    • Was Brian wrong when he made fun of alien blood?
    • Mind control fungus!

and Episode 7: It’s Free Once You’ve Paid For It

It’s a new episode, and it’s bigger and shorter than ever!

What do Paul and Brian talk about this time? Lots of things, like:

    • Kids, and taking care of them!
    • Paul wants to save his precious, delicate phone!
    • Is the universe real? Who cares!
    • Amazon Prime, and the lunacy of saying you get ‘free 2-day shipping!’
    • How can an established company still be a startup?
    • And more, possibly!

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