iMortal Coverage of Apple’s 9/9/14 Event

The holiest day of the year is tomorrow, September 9, as Apple unveils whatever heavenly new gadgets it has developed for the betterment of humanity. We’ll almost certainly see one and probably two new iPhones in new sizes, and the rumor mill is spinning like a Catherine wheel with expectations of things like a smartwatch or other wearable, possible new iPads, updates to the Apple TV platform, and more info on iOS 8. Apple’s gone as far as to build an entire second, temporary structure outside the event venue for…who knows?!?!

To mark this sacred time, after the event I’ll be joined by my friends Matt Licata and Chris Sawyer for a special one-off podcast discussion about what we learned at the event, and what it all means for the tech industry, Apple, and the rest of the less-important universe. Look for that to go up later this week, hopefully by Thursday night.

Matt and Chris previously joined me on an earlier iteration of this site’s audio program for a post-Apple event discussion last October, when Apple introduced the iPad Air, and you can listen to that here.

And just for shits and/or giggles, here’s my shot-in-the-dark guess that just came to me while I was driving. The “iWatch” won’t be presented as a watch, per se, but as a branch of iPhone; a small phone, not too dissimilar to the square iPod nanos, which can be worn on a wrist or elsewhere on the body through various means that they will be happy to sell to you. It will make calls, have Internet connectivity all on its own, and apps will be specific to it, though “packaged” with their regular iPhone counterparts, just as one download gets you the iPhone and iPad versions of the same app.

I’m predicting, probably wrongly, the iPhone nano. Or iPhone 6W (for “wrist,” “wearable,” or “watch”). Or something like that.

See you then!

Update 9/9/2014: Good news. Matt, Chris, and I will also be joined by Ken Kennedy.

Stop Me Before I Podcast Again

I’ve been casting-pod like a crazy person.  Just as a quick update, yesterday I posted a brand new episode with my former iPad-slinging colleague Chris Sawyer, and we get all geeky and commiserate about the awful real world and the worlds we’ve created for ourselves online. 

Not too long before that, I posted a truly enlightening episode with the Clergy Project’s Catherine Dunphy. It turned out to be a pretty deep exploration of not just losing one’s faith, but the inner political machinations of a particular church you may have heard of. 

Who knows what I might do next. 


Kenzoid’s Post-Libertarian Hangover

The latest edition of the Obcast features longtime friend-of-the-blog Ken Kennedy. Ken’s a well-rounded guy for someone from Georgia (I kid! I kid!), and in this episode, he and I discourse on politics and technology, and how those two worlds run into each other and screw each other up. Ken comes from libertarian roots, and he has some great insights as to why someone who is technically inclined might lean libertarian, but also how a little life experience can reveal how limited of a philosophy it can be.

We also talk about finding a purpose for one’s podcasting and blogging when the need for an audience is not the dominant drive, and what the hell is wrong with the sci-fi and fantasy publishing industry that they produce cover art for their books that is so freaking ridiculous.

Dig the show right here. As always, you can subscribe to the Obcast in iTunes or through this link.

Ryan Overcomes His Fear of Podcasting

My very good friend Ryan Koronowski is my guest on the latest edition of the Obcast. Ryan is a chief-deputy-editor-blogger-muckity-muck at Climate Progress (part of Think Progress), but don’t worry, we don’t spend much time talking about how awful things are going to be. Mostly, we talk about things like the peculiarities of DC life, the insanity of working on big political campaigns, and reading lots and lots of books.

We also learn that, like my three-year-old boy, Ryan poops on the potty! It makes sense in the show

Ryan was a little spooked to do the Obcast, as he’s not used to being the subject of media interviews, but I think you’ll agree that his fears were unwarranted. 

As always, you can subscribe to the Obcast in iTunes or through this link