It’s In The Mighty Hands of Steel

Stan Bush serenades the Transformers.

Now I am an unabashed fan of this absurd movie; as a kid I must have seen it more than 30 or 40 times, and even into adulthood it gets a viewing every year or so. I even own the soundtrack — with the bonus tracks. (Which actually has some great instrumental scoring from Vince DiCola.) But let’s look at this video.

Editors: Were you even trying? The clips from the movie are more or less chronological, so rather than picking out bits that seem to suit the song or the mood, they essentially took the most violent images from the first 20 minutes or so, mainly in the order they occur in the film (really, some of the most morbid imagery including the deaths of at least two characters — you’ve got the touch, indeed!). What, was it going to be too bothersome to be selective?

And Stan. Stan, Stan, Stan. I don’t think Stan was really down with this video shoot. His gyrations and sways look half-hearted, his guitar strumming swoops look weary, and he doesn’t even seem to have the wherewithal to complete a lip sync of his more extended notes. Could it be that he was beginning to regret the whole thing? Well, I hope not.

Could be that he was distracted by all the purple lasers coming at his guitar.

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