What’s in a Domain?

Just to alleviate any confusion among my tens of readers, I wanted to let you all know that I recently changed the official domain for this blog. Once it was near-earth.com, but now more. The blog’s new domain is nearearthobject.net, but the good part is that near-earth.com will still redirect to here, and I suppose probably will in perpetuity as I remain tethered to the GoDaddy pseudo-bureaucracy.

Why the change? First, I didn’t like having a hyphen in the domain. Imagine:

Potential Reader: Where’s your blog?

Me: Oh, it’s at near-dash-earth-dot-com.

Potential Reader: So, like, all as one word?

Me: What?

Potential Reader: So, you spell out near-dash-earth…um…

Me: No, it’s a hyphen.

Potential Reader: Okay, so, near, then H-Y-P…how do you spell hyphen?

Me: Actually, just go to the Huffington Post.

You see? With nearearthobject-dot-net, I just say it, and it makes sense.

And then there’s the whole Internet exchange thing. I couldn’t get (never could get) nearearthobject-dot-com, but I decided that it made more sense to go with dot-net, since this blog is many things, but one thing it is not is profitable. It is not commercial, the origin of the “com” in dot-com. So dot-net it is.

And as a side note, the old blog’s shortcut domain, BlocRaison.com, also points here, but I don’t know for how long. Also, since Apple is killing iWeb, my personal website, PaulFidalgo.com, will need to find a new host, which may mean, for a time at least, that this domain also points here.

All roads lead to this little blog. As it should be.

My apologies, by the way, for the sparse posting. Things are hectic, and I’m working on acquiring a new computing rig, which ought to inspire even more bloggery. Stay tuned.

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