Harold Ford’s Qualifications for Being a Political Analyst

Harold Ford is on TV a lot. He’s on Meet the Press and Morning Joe more often than the hosts themselves. I’m fairly certain he has a cot under David Gregory’s desk. And once he rises from that cot, rubs the sleepiness from his eyes, and grabs a quick bite from the NBC commissary, he can be relied upon to predict the failure of Barack Obama’s presidency unless the commander-in-chief follows Ford’s pro-big business, illiberal advice. (Stop dis-incentivizing wealthy corporations, Mr. President! You’re hurting their feelings!)

But given that his political analysis is so highly sought-after by these major, respected outlets, I thought it might be helpful to recount the things Harold Ford is most known for:

1. Losing a senate race

2. Bowing out of another senate race in another state, which he would have lost

3. Presiding over the “centrist” Democratic Leadership Council as it ran out of money and collapsed.

Let’s recap Ford’s sterling qualifications: He lost, gave up, and failed.

So let’s make sure we all keep checking in with Harold to see what the president ought to be doing on any given day.

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