This Isn’t What I Wanted, But I’ll Take It

It’s a long story, so I won’t bore you with it, but suffice it to say, I wanted to spread my own bloggy wings and fly out of the nest so generously provided me by Dawnne. I thought Squarespace would be able to handle this simple move from one platform to theirs, but they botched it severally, and I gave up. They meant well, but they just couldn’t get their shit together for me.

What’s that mean? It means I’m setting up shop here at Tumblr to make it all as simple as possible. What I wasn’t able to do is bring the entire archive of Near Earth Object with me, so instead, I’ve exported it to a free site, Near Earth Archive, and it’s all there. In coming days, I will likely move some of the more important posts over to this site so they can live with the current stuff, but the vast majority of it will simply live at the archive site.

This is Near Earth Object’s new home, and in honor of this change, and also to make it square with the actual term I’ve been using as a title, I’m putting the damn hyphen in. Welcome to Near-Earth Object.

Old links to the old site will no longer work, unfortunately. Luckily (?) no one really reads this stuff, so the number of folks affected by that hiccup will be rather small. The domain, of course, remains with me and will point to this site.

This has been such a mess for me I almost feel guilty. But my plan now is to take my friend/enemy Justin Sapp’s advice and to pick once place and stick. And so I shall.

(And yeah, yeah. I know I said I’d stop tweaking. Gimme a break.)

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