What I’ve Been Up To at “Friendly Atheist”

Not all of my bloggy energies are spent here at the Object. No, nor are they exclusive to the website of my employing organization. If you’ll recall, I also contribute to a little something called Friendly Atheist. I thought it was a little past due for me to highlight my posts there from the past month or so.

In recent weeks, I applauded the president for coming down firmly on the side of free expression and against blasphemy laws, but blasted a coalition of international organizations that pandered to religious oversensitivity. I stared with astonishment at the endless wonder that is Rick Perry’s Bronze Age idiocy. I reviewed the presidential candidates’ dueling answers concerning both science and religion, and learned a little something each time.

It’s a good gig, writing for Hemant’s blog, and I’m honored to be a part of it. Share and enjoy.

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