Invisible hand

Maybe a couple of magazines will survive in print as status symbols at the high end, or as supermarket check-out tabloids at the lower stratosphere. But I doubt even that. Tablet subscriptions seem to me the only viable way forward. The good news is that the savings from this can be plowed back into journalism if revenues from subs and ads revive. In the end, the individual who will decide if magazines survive at all, even on tablets, will be readers, and their willingness to pay for writing in that form, when they go online and get it for free. Yep, it’s up to you. And all your invisible hands.

Out Of The Ashes Of Dead Trees – The Dish | By Andrew Sullivan – The Daily Beast

Leave it to Sullivan, in the midst of of embracing radical, forward-thinking change, to sneak in a free-market shiv that makes even a pinko socialist like me smile while I’m being stabbed.

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