Voting is Apparently All the Rage in Small-Town Maine

Jessica and I voted first thing in the morning today, and I decided to bring Toby along. He’s not even three, of course, and he was bored and a little cranky most of the time (I had forbidden him Munchkins from Dunkin Donuts, and that about severed our familial bonds), but I thought it was important for him to see his parents taking this democracy thing seriously.

Plus, he loves saying, “You know what? JOE BIDEN!” So this was a chance for him to see us vote for him.

Here are the pictures I quickly took of our polling place at the community center in Saco, Maine.

Because I was driving, I did not get what would have been the far more remarkable pictures of the cars backed up for blocks, filled with folks coming to vote before going to work. It was much more than I expected, especially when you consider that Maine is not a swing state this year, our U.S. Senate race to replace Olympia Snowe is a foregone conclusion (you could pretty much call him Senator-Elect Angus King as soon as he announced), and of course, our U.S. House race for our district was also without drama, with our popular Democratic incumbent.

Even given all that, all those people showed up. Maybe we’ll see more today across the country than is commonly assumed.

And in Toby’s own words, “That was good voting!”

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