The Internet doesn’t do secrets.

The age of the password has come to an end; we just haven’t realized it yet. And no one has figured out what will take its place. What we can say for sure is this: Access to our data can no longer hinge on secrets—a string of characters, 10 strings of characters, the answers to 50 questions—that only we’re supposed to know. The Internet doesn’t do secrets.

1 thought on “The Internet doesn’t do secrets.”

  1. Privacy and security are really the same thing. Data backup&retrieval are their spouse.
    Misleading article. Everything but the passwords failed. Cross platform opensource password managers work.
    As article outlines, everyone else makes the user’s security/privacy efforts more challenging.
    Some sites limit password complexity & size.
    As recently as 5 years ago, at least one financial site allowed non-ssl data fill page.
    Since we don’t write those pages, we don’t know how they leak. Until browsers handle that checking, we must avoid complex online finance (https).
    Browsers need more granular per-site security. But instead, browser devs write more disposable faddish features.
    All new networkable devices and OS installations should open to a ‘wizard’ where user selects a privacy network
    ‘Generic’ background processes like svchost are treacherous.
    Avoid any software and sites that use javascript.


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