Freethought Blogs, Unscrewed

Hey, you know what's neat? Freethought Blogs now hosts me, Hank Fox, and Stephen “DarkSyde” Andrew, and we three have something kind of cool in common. We are all former contributors or denizens of the primoridal atheist blog Unscrewing the Inscrutable, founded by the mad genius Brent Rasmussen. Brent was doing godless blogging when our iPhones had rotary dials, and I was lucky enough to join his roster of contributors in its latter stages. Brent got tired of it all, and shut the thing down a few years ago, but obviously, it's spawned a lot of bloggage from its now-rotting carcass. And I mean that in the best sense.

Anyway, I think that's cool.

Brent and I actually go back further than even UTI, originally meeting (virtually) as fellow crudemembers aboard the USS STIMPY, he as chief medical officer Dr. Stupid, and I as Lt. Cmdr. Stinky Wizzleteats, which all took place on the bulletin boards of the Prodigy online service back in the very-early 1990s. I was just an awkward lad at the time, and Brent was old even then. Imagine.


2 thoughts on “Freethought Blogs, Unscrewed”

  1. Wow, that’s cool. DarkSyd and I met in an evolution vs creationism room on MSN chat like 10 or 12 years ago. Since then we’ve sort of risen together in the blogging world and he was one of the first people I talked to about forming this network.


    1. I guess when the whole Interwebs thing got started, there were only so many folks getting their godless on in blog form. And: Now we’re all old.


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