Cry-Me-a-River Tweet of the Century



Yeah, you know, the Pope has enabled and covered up the rape and assault of countless children, but guys, let’s not be so mean to him on Twitter. That’s just a bridge too far. Have we, at long last, no decency?

14 thoughts on “Cry-Me-a-River Tweet of the Century”

  1. Maybe if the Pope stopped supporting and protecting child rapists then people wouldn’t talk about his support and protection of child rapists.


  2. The old man isn’t even scheduled to make his first tweet until after the Feast of Saint Whoseywhatsis! It’s a bit early for cries of “psersecution,” innit?
    And this guy is bitching about “triviality, & flippancy?” It’s TWITTER, what the hell did he expect?


  3. Yeah, child rape is pretty trivial. So is the preventable death of women in Catholic hospitals. And allowing AIDS to spread due to lack of education about/access to comdoms. And denying rights to LGBTs. We should focus on the important things, like vaguely face-shaped burn patterns on toast and “crying” statues.


    1. We should focus on the important things, like vaguely face-shaped burn patterns on toast and “crying” statues.

      What about Indian Catholics attempting to arrest skeptics who debunk weeping statues? Can we tweet about that?


  4. I’m amazed that John Mercer is amazed. Seriously. Who didn’t see angry tweets coming?
    We’ve come a long way since the USA had a collective freakout about a picture of the last pope being ripped in half on live television.


  5. I watched a good documentary on the subject, and one of the few catholics who opposed the church’s handling of the child rape cases spelled it out like this:
    “you see, priests and bishops are closer to God than a mere child. so it makes sense that they would protect a pedo priest, and not a victim of sexual abuse, b/c that priest is one rung higher up the ladder than the child”
    Nice racket they have going there, eh?


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