Tittering at Tombs

So this guy seems like he was in a hurry to shuffle off this mortal coil:

Whereas these folks seem like they took their sweet time:
I bet this guy knew exactly where he was headed:
But as the man says, only the good die…
I know. But they made me titter.

4 thoughts on “Tittering at Tombs”

  1. Look at the birth and death dates on the last one. Two of the five died in infancy.
    That was the reality for parents – bury your babies, and have enough so that a few would survive.


  2. Back in the ’70s, some friends and I were shortcutting through a cemetery when I spotted a large gravesite with the name “Sligh.”
    “Look,” I said, immediately and irreverently, “it’s Sligh on the family stone!”
    [You could google “Sly and the Family Stone” if you don’t get it.]


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