Statement from the Interplanetary Black Hole Association

Everyone knows that Red Matter isn’t the problem.

Of course, we all grieve at the loss of the planet Vulcan. The billions of individuals senselessly executed by the time-traveling Romulan Nero is a tragedy from which the Federation will likely never recover, and no words can take the pain away from the thousands of off-world Vulcans who now have no home to which they can return.

But now is not the time to engage in knee-jerk, politically-tainted talk about new laws involving the use of Red Matter to create black holes.

Nero, obviously an extremely disturbed Romulan, represents the kind of evil that unfortunately exists in this galaxy, and no new legislation or regulations can do anything about that. Evil and madness will always be a factor within the various civilizations of sentient humanoids, and no one can predict how or when it will manifest.

Loose talk about further restricting the lawful possession of Red Matter or the fundamental right to manufacture black holes will not change that, and will not bring the lost souls of Vulcan back.

11 thoughts on “Statement from the Interplanetary Black Hole Association”

  1. Possessing Red Matter is mandated by the Federation Charter of Sapient Rights so they’ll pry my Red Matter from my cold gripping hand.


  2. Blasphemy is a serious offense. Do not mock our sacred right to bear Red Matter. It insults the dignity of the Founding Fathers of the Federation.


  3. We restricted access to red matter over 20 years ago and have not had an attack of that magnitude since.Having small amounts of red matter is fine but nobody needs enough to make a black hole.


  4. How do you get the Red Matter back in the bottle now that so much has spilled out. It could be done but now the social cost is so high it could lead to an even bigger black hole.


  5. We had a compulsory buy back, anyone who had containment vessels that could hold large amounts of red matter had to hand them in and get market value. We had an amnesty to ensure people were not worried about any getting caught with legal vessels.
    Please bare mind this was done by a conservative party


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