5 thoughts on “Thoughtful”

  1. Avicenna, with my typing you’d think I was doing the same thing, but with my elbows.
    Richard, that is why I avoid comment sections most places. I’ll be happily reading an interesting piece and then I reach the comments and….MOTHER OF GOD.


  2. My comment on your recent Star Wars post could have been friendlier. If I don’t have anything to say, I should refrain from commenting.
    A tip for commenters, if they, unlike me, do have something valuable to add to the discussion, is to edit their lines in an external editor. There you can find all the comfyness of search/replace, spell checking and so on. Then you just paste the text. If I were more organized, I could keep a log/record of my comments in a file, add timestamps and urls.

    With the CSS on this page, the comment box text background is almost the same color as the text. It is impossible to see what I write. Now, with the pentadactyl firefox plugin. I can launch the external editor (I like emacs, but use gvim. It’s not for everyone.) with Ctrl-i. If I proceed to save, the text gets pasted. It’s a tmp file. I can edit it some more, then “save” again and preview.

    If I could only figure out the markup.


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