John Kerry, Goddamn Class Act

A young protester interrupts his confirmation testimony, and he says, yeah, that’s what I was here to do when I got here. Word up, sir.

Hat tip to Weigel.

3 thoughts on “John Kerry, Goddamn Class Act”

  1. “Noting that U.S. communities broke heat and fire records last year and suffered record-high damages from superstorm Sandy, Kerry said: ‘If we can’t see the downside of spending that money and risking lives for all the changes that are taking place, to agriculture, to our communities, the ocean and so forth, we’re ignoring what science is telling us. So I will be a passionate advocate on this, but not based on ideology but based on facts, based on science.’ ”


  2. @1. Somite : Imagine a paralell universe where Kerry won and Bush II lost. How different things might be. Could even be a SF alternative history novel in that. (Ditto applies for Al Gore too.)
    Don’t know if that’s a more cheering thought or another depressing one really.


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