Too Cute By Half

You know, I actually kind of dig Seth Godin. He really does drop some useful wisdom about work and creativity here and there, things I do try to remember and take to heart.

But then, you know, he’s also Seth Godin, the “look at the mischievous upper-half-of-my-bald-skull” guy who is, let’s face it, sometimes pushing his outside-the-box imp schtick a little too hard.

Here’s some snippets from an interview he gave (I presume over email) to Copyblogger. It’s right off the bat, when asked to describe what he does:

My name is Seth Godin and I notice things, name them, and sometimes provoke people to make a ruckus.

Hey, Seth, I think I’m noticing something myself. And I have some names for it.

Oh, there’s more. Let the too-cute-by-half avalanche begin!

Do you generally adhere to a rigid or flexible writing system?

I’m supposed to have a system?

How many hours a day do you spend actually writing (excluding email, social media etc.)?

Do you mean typing? I don’t know, fifteen minutes. I can type fast.

Do you write every day?

Do you talk every day?

Okay! Seth! Turn it down a notch! We get it! You’re quirky!

But oh no! Here comes another one!

Choose one author, living or dead, that you would like to have dinner with.

Well, if I have dinner with a dead author, he wouldn’t be very much fun, would he?


But just when I can’t bear anymore of the Robin Good-Guru act, he says things I think are, you know, really true:

What’s your biggest aggravation or pet peeve at the moment (writing related or otherwise)?

After 25 years, the MacOS is getting sloppy around the edges when it should be going the other way. Flying wears me out. The TSA is a joke.

And most of all, the biggest thing, big enough that it’s not a pet, or even a peeve, is the media’s efforts to distract us from opportunities and urgencies by inflaming every small conflict into an epic game show.

Oh man. I feel all of that.

And then, yes then, he hits me with an aphorism that sounds so hokey, so cheeseball, and yet so bloody true, so forest-for-the-trees correct, I have to forgive him:

If you could take a vacation anywhere in the world tomorrow, where would you go (cost or responsibilities are no object)?

Right here, right now. This is my choice.

Damn you, Seth Godin, for your efforts to imbue me with your reckless confidence. Damn you.

3 thoughts on “Too Cute By Half”

  1. I’ve done LSD. It doesn’t make you full of bullshit like that. When you hear that kind of hyped-up bullshit it’s meth. If it’s hyped-up and it’s not bullshit, it’s probably cocaine. And if it’s a bit more laid back and cosmic, then it might be LSD. Put differently:”I’m OK, you’re OK, love is like a lampshade – ponder that, Grasshopper” == Meth
    “I’m OK, you’re OK. Here, I can make you a great deal on 10,000 lampshades and we’ll get rich!” == cocaine
    “I’m the lampshade. And so are you.” == LSD


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