Seduced by Trinkets of Power

David Kuo, 1968-2013:

I have seen what happens when well-meaning Christians are seduced into thinking deliverance can come from the Oval Office, a Supreme Court chamber or the floor of the United States Congress. They are easily manipulated by politicians who use them for their votes, seduced by trinkets of power, and tempted to turn a mission field (politics) into a battlefield.

3 thoughts on “Seduced by Trinkets of Power”

  1. “I took sides on issues that don’t have much to do with my faith,”
    It always did seem like the conservative politicians have been leading the xtians around by the nose. It’s too bad that others in his position didn’t seem to notice.


  2. I would rather not believe in a god who would give one of his most devout and reverent worshippers a ten year battle with cancer, and then kill him in his forties. I don’t believe, and I usually just think, well, as far as I can see, that’s just the way it is.
    But stories like this make me glad I don’t believe.


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