The Cheese Stands Alone

What’s this now? This blog seems familiar, yet somehow alienating. I no longer hear the hum and din of other bloggers tapping and opining around me. Where am I?

This is the new home of Near-Earth Object. The design may or may not be final, so we’ll just have to see. It’s just like always, with same content moved over here, but also something of a clean slate. And that’s kind of nice.

One small item of clarification for those following my activities from Freethought Blogs, this site’s previous home: I moved my blog out voluntarily because I simply didn’t think it made sense anymore to have an employee of an organization also host his work at a website that had been of late largely critical of said organization. For the sake of removing any perception of conflict, and to keep me from feeling really awkward, I decided to move. That’s it. Anyone claiming some kind of (very minor) ideological trophy over my move is reading way, way too much into it. But if you are trying to claim said fictional trophy, you’re probably not listening anyway. 

Housekeeping: I am now going from making almost nothing from my blogging to making less than nothing. I am using Squarespace to host the blog this time, which costs money, though not a ton. The plan I’m on is $9 a month. If you’d like, you can donate to help defray the cost of the service (the wife and I can’t afford really any extra expenses, but I am loathe to hop over to some ugly free site that has no responsibility to keep itself running or to offer support). I feel weird even mentioning it, but it’d help, I’m not gonna lie.

Welcome. I’ll try not to screw it up.

3 thoughts on “The Cheese Stands Alone”

  1. Well, those few clicks sould keep you going for a few months. I totally get the whys and hows and respect the move.


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