The Two Greatest Tweets of All Time

Twitter has become one of my favorite mediums. When used well, its strict character parameters enforce pith and concision. Over the years, my twit-fu has become strong, and I have a real admiration for those who have mastered the form. (Two such twit-fu masters would be the likes of Dave Weigel and Alison Forns.)

Two particular tweets in recent months have truly stood out to be as prime examples, and to the best of my recollection, are the Two Greatest Tweets of All Time. This is hyperbolic, of course, but welcome to the Internet.  And I really can’t think of any that have delighted me more.

They are, first, for raw comedic brilliance:


The second is also hilarious, but not in a build-up-to-shock kind of way, but in a way that encapsulates the absurd irony of a very contemporary, first-world crisis. You may have already seen it. When the New York Times‘ website went down earlier this week, we got this from one of the paper’s designers: 


A masterpiece. 

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