The Keys to Hemant’s Ferrari

Hemant Mehta, empresario of Friendly Atheist, is getting married this weekend, and he’s leaving me with the responsibility of maintaining his blog while he gets his nuptials on. I’m honored, truly, and thrilled to be doing it. 

But man oh man, it’s a lot of work! I have always been amazed at how prolific Hemant is with the sheer quantity of content he generates, all while keeping up a truly impressive level of quality. On top of that, he manages a set of regular contributors, like me, assigning, editing and scheduling posts. 

It’s a weekend, so the expected load is a little lighter, but I’m still gobsmacked by how much attention it requires. When Hemant told me “I sleep zero hours,” I assumed he was being facetious. Now I’m not so sure.

Anyway, go ahead and see what I’m up to over there


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