Triceratops Never Existed. Wait, Yes it Did.

I have a problem with this headline from the National Post, which says, “Triceratops never actually existed, scientists say.” Oh no!

But it’s not what the scientists say. According to that very article.

They actually say:

After studying 29 triceratops skulls, the scientists discovered the bone was thinning in the same area where the torosaurus’s holes were. Evidence began mounting as they counted the growth rings in the bones and discovered all the triceratops skulls were from young dinosaurs. What’s more, juvenile specimens of the torosaurus have never been found. They concluded the dinosaurs were actually the same, with the horns and ridge changing shape as the lizard matured.

The piece even concludes (emphasis mine) with, “Scientists will now reclassify all torosaurus as triceratops.” So, in other words, there’s still Triceratops. Triceratops always existed, not “never,” and now it’s Torosaurus that “never existed.”  

I know, I know, click bait. But come on. It’s the opposite of what the article’s actually about!

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