Attacked in the Park

This story about an out-of-the-blue attack in Riverside Park by a guy with scissors, slashing people up, stabbing a guy in the stomach, a woman in the neck, and even cutting a 2-year-old, well, it makes my heart race. After having actually experienced something like this (a beating by two assailants, not a stabbing, thank goodness), even reading just a cold telling of the facts sends me into fight-or-flight.

(Incidentally, I just found out that my wife knows a sibling of one of the victims.) 

One guy managed to subdue the attacker, so I hope the mayor heaps some praise on this guy, and he is thrown a party and bought many drinks, and the like. And he, being classy, whoever he is, also did this: 

The bystander, who declined to give his name before being whisked away by police officers, told reporters that the real hero was the father.

You know that dad did everything he could to keep his kid safe. And I’m sure he was absolutely terrified while he did it. I’m so glad everyone was able to walk away from this.

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