A Forward from No One

I’ve asked this question on Twitter a number of times, but no one will respond, and it’s making me feel like I might be going crazy. So I’m going to sully my blog and hope one of my five or six readers will have an answer.

Here’s the thing. For some reason, all but two email clients on iOS do not include the original sender’s email address when one forwards an email. In other words, I get an email from Person X. I forward said email to Person Y. But nowhere in the forwarded email does Person X’s email address appear, meaning there’s no way for Person Y to know how to reply to Person X. From what I’ve seen, only the built-in mail app and the abandoned Sparrow include the original address in a forward. Not Mailbox, not even the official Gmail app. And I absolutely need this seemingly-obvious feature to be usable with work.

Am I missing something? Is there a setting in these apps I’m not ticking? What the hell is going on?

Please. Help me.

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