I Got Mad at a Clever Hipster Thing for No Good Reason

So this odd thing appeared in my Facebook feed yesterday, originating here, and my first response was rather shockingly visceral, something akin to, “Oh my christ you fucking hipsters I hate that you made that snooty, too-clever, showy-offy, hey-look-I’m-a-maker thing exist, let’s chop it up and burn it before it infects the culture, because now you’ve gone too far!!!” Something like that. I know, I know, but rest assured I’ve had extensive therapy.

But then I considered whether I’d feel differently if, rather than stashing picnicky supplies, it held one’s Dungeons & Dragons manuals, or laptop/tablet gear. And then I calmed down a little. Context is everything I guess.

(But that little fold down tray still pisses me off, and no, I don’t know why.)

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