Do Not Follow Your Passion When it Jumps off the Empire State Building

Do what you love! Sacrifice all! Wait, no.

First, Emily Hauser:

The whole notion of following one’s passion is so steeped historic, economic, and social privilege that it fairly reeks. … when we tell people to follow their passion, and hold fabulously successful role models up to them, we’re not only misleading them, we’re actually being kind of mean…

Now, Patrick Rothfuss:

If you have a hobby, and you do it, and you love it, then you win! And then your life is full of joy! If you do a hobby and you expect to get rich and famous off it, and you don’t, then you feel like a failure and you’re miserable.

Back to Emily:

Follow your passion – for as long you possibly can, even if it doesn’t pay enough, even if it tires you out, even if it doesn’t seem to be leading anywhere, because at the end of your life, you’ll be grateful that you tried. … Follow your passion – but know when to let go. Know that peace of mind and being able to afford to fix your car are also good, life-affirming things.

I. Am. Trying.


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