Angels in the iPod: Lawrence Krauss on TWiT

Physicist Lawrence Krauss was recently the guest on Triangulation, the interview program on the TWiT network. It’s one of those lovely convergences where science and skept0-atheism cross paths with tech media, so I thought it’d be a good thing to post here.

Content-wise, it’s fairly introductory stuff. If you follow Krauss’s science popularization work, you probably won’t get a whole lot new here. But host Leo Laporte is obviously enamored of his interview subject, and the conversation touches on some of what I try to cover here at iMortal, how technology and science are parts of our lives at a cultural level and at the level of personal meaning. They note that you can’t appreciate your gadgets unless you accept the science that makes them work, or as Leo puts it, there are no angels in the iPods. “If you reject science,” he says, “you reject everything that science has brought us.”

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