A Song for Quetzalcoatlus

20130413-124702.jpgIt’s been a while since I last debuted a dumb song about a prehistoric reptile for the amusement of my toddler son, so let’s correct that right now.
Sung to the tune of “Macarena,” is a quick, stupid ditty for a certain pterosaur with a 40-foot wingspan.

He wanna keep things tidy, yeah he wants things to be spotless

And he might forget your birthday and you’ll think that he is thoughtless

But if your nose is running, give you a tissue make it snotless

Queeeeeetzalcoatlus! (Brr-AWK!)

Truth be told, unlike my songs for Euparkeria and Eustreptospondylus, my boy was less than interested in this one. Probably because he has no idea what the tune is in reference to, the lyrics go by too fast, and, you know, it’s stupid.

But god dammit it amuses me.

2 thoughts on “A Song for Quetzalcoatlus”

  1. Ahhh toddlers. I have a couple of those myself, or at least a preschooler & a toddler. The preschooler is a source of linguistic hilarity right now, including whining about a lack of dinner RIGHT NOW by screaming, “what the hell?!? I want a sandwich!!!” And this morning he, for reasons unknown, named the paper airplane his big brother made for him Super Cooch. I’m pretty sure they don’t use that vernacular on PBSKids, and my husband & I sure don’t say it, so now we’re wondering what word he’s mangling in that very hilarious way…


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