The Apotheosis of Voltron

Did you already know about this? You probably already know about this.

Look, I had heard of MC Frontalot, but being 36 and out of touch, I never heard any of his stuff. Little did I know that he is artist rapping about toilet paper manufacture in Elmo’s Potty Time, which, let me tell you, I have seen many, many times. So I’m already impressed.

But lemme back up. Something recently got me thinking, wow, Voltron‘s lips sure are drawn prominently, aren’t they? Yes, I was thinking about Voltron’s lips. It amused me so much to realize that, here I was, a grown man thinking about Voltron’s lips, that I made a Twitter account for it: @VoltronsLips. The bio?

“And I’ll form…the head.

Because that’s what Keith, the leader-guy, always says at the end of the forming of Voltron, which, if you haven’t figured out, is a gestalt robot thing, a la Devastator, where five mechanical lions, piloted by humans, join together to form a super-robot.


Okay, and then as I’m tweeting about with @VoltronsLips, @LenSanook points me to the video below, and it is now my favorite song of all time.

So you probably knew about it, it’s been around a little while, but I’m having a religious experience over this.

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